Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

A. J. Aaliyah Aari Aariella Aaron
Aaron Aaron 2 Abbey Abbigail Abbott
Abdiel Abdullah Abe Abegail Abel
Abel Abelardo Abiezer Abner Abraham
Abraham Abram Abrielle Abril Abril
Abrionna Acacia Aciano Acza Ada
Ada Ada Adair Adaira Adalberto
Adam Adam Adan Adan Adana
Adanelia Adara Adara Addie Addison
Adela Adelaide Adelina Adeline Adelle
Adelyn Adi Adia Adina Aditya
Adja Adler Adley Adnan Adnan
Adolfo Adolfo Adonis Adreanna Adria
Adrian Adrian Adriana Adriana Adrianna
Adrianna Adriel Adriel Adriel Adrik
Agatha Aggie Aggie Agnes Agustina
Ahdlai Ahmad Ahmed Ahnoka Ahsia
Aida Aida Aidan Aidriel Aileen
Aina Ainhoa Ainoa Ainsley Aisha
Aisha Aishling Aitana Aitor Akeem
Aki Akira Akyli-Brianna Akyra-Brianne Al
Alahna Alaina Alan Alana Alana
Alana Alandra Alani Alanis Alanna
Alannah Alano Alanya Alasia Alauna
Alazayah Alba Albert Albert Alberta
Alberto Alberto Alberto Albina Albino
Alden Alden Aldina Aldo Aldo
Aldrena Aldriel Alec Aleesa Alegra
Aleix Alejandra Alejandra Alejandrina Alejandro
Alejandro Aleli Alessandra Alessandra Alessandro
Alessia Alex Alex Alexa Alexander
Alexandra Alexandra Alexandre Alexandria Alexandro
Alexanne Alexia Alexia Alexie Alexis
Alexis Alexius Alfie Alfonso Alfonso
Alfred Alfredo Alfredo Ali Alice
Alicia Alicia Alina Alina Alisa
Alisha Alisia Alissa Alistare Aliya
Aliza Alize Alldo Allegra Allen
Allene Allie Allison Allthea Alma
Alma 1 Alma 2 Alma Iris Aloha Aloma
Aloma 1 Alondra Alondra Alonso Alonso
Alora Aloysius Altagracia Althea Alton
Alva Alvaro Alvaro Alvera Alvin
Alvin Alyssia Alzena Amada Amadaya
Amadeo Amado Amador Amalia Amalie
Amalyn Amanda Amanda Amando Amani
Amara Amare Amari Amarion Amarionah
Amaris Amarissa Amaryllis Amaya Amaya Lee
Amber Amberly Amberlyn Ambree Ambrosia
Ambrosio Ameenah Amelia Amelia America
America Americo Amir Amira Amira
Amiya Amon Amonet Amora Amos
Amos Amoy Amparo Amy Ana
Ana Maria Anabel AnaBeth Anahi Anais
Anais Analia Analilia Anamaria Anarosa
Anastasia Anastasia Anastasia Anastasio Anders
Anderson Andja Andre Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea 2 Andrea 3 Andreas 1 Andreas 2
Andreas 3 Andree Andres Andres Andreu
Andrew Andria Andromeda Andy Aneesha
AneLisa Aneyah Angel Angel Angela
Angela Angeleen Angeles Angelia Angelica
Angelica Angelice Angelina Angelina Angelique
Angelita Angelo Angelo Angie Angus
Anibal Anika 1 Anika 2 Anika 3 Anika 4
Anisa Anissa Aniston Anita Anita
Aniyah Anja Anjali Ann Anna
Anna Anna Claire Annabel Annabella AnnaBeth
Annalea Annalee Annalisa Annalise Annamae
Annamarie Annastasia Anne-Brooks Annetta Annette
Annie Annmarie Ansel Anselmo Ansley
Anson Anthony Anthony 2 Antoinetta Antoinette
Anton Antoni Antonia Antonia Antonietta
Antonio Antonio Antwan Anya 1 Anya 2
Aoife Aphrodite Apolla Apolonia Apolonio
April Aquiles Arabella Araceli Araceli
Aracelis Aracely Aramis Archer Archie
Arden Arel Arella Arely Arely
Argelia Argentina Ari Ari Aria
Aria Ariadna Ariah Ariana Ariana
Ariana 2 Ariane Ariane 2 Arianna Arianne
Arianne Arianne Arica Ariel Ariel
Ariela Ariella Arielle Arien Aris
Arkis Arleena Arleigh Arlene Arlet
Arlett Arliss Armand Armanda Armando
Armando Armani Armida Armida Armon
Arnau Arne Arnet Arno Arnold
Arnoldo Arnolfo Aroa Arsenio Art
Artemio Arthur Arturo Arturo Arwan
Aryan Asa Asela Ash Asha
Ashanti Ashdon Asher Ashlee Ashlyn
Ashton Ashwin Asia Aslan Aspen
Aston Astrid Asuncion Athena Atlanta
Atticus Aubree Audra Audrey Auggie
August Augustine Augustino Augusto Augustus
Auna Aunjene Aurelia Aurelio Aurora
Aurora Austin Autry Autumn Ava
Ava Grace Avalon Aveen Avelina Avellino
Avery Avetta Aviana Aviva Avriana
Avril Awnissa Axel Aya Ayana
Ayanna Aybrielle Ayda Ayden Ayesha
Ayla 1 Ayla 2 Aylin Ayline Ayman
Aziah Aziel Aziya Aziza Azucena
Azure B. J. Bab Babe Babette
Baby Bailee Baine Baker Baldomero
Ballerina Baltasar Bambi Bambina Bambino
Baptist Baptista Barb Barb Barbara
Barbara Barish Barnabus Barney Baron
Barrett Barry Bart Bartolome Basiano
Basil Basilia Basilio Bassam Baudilio
Bautista Baxter Baylor Bea Bea
Bear Beata Beatrice 1 Beatrice 2 Beatrix
Beatriz Beau Amber Bebe Becher Beck
Becka Becker Beckett Beckham Becky
Belen Belen Belia Beliarosa Belinda
Belinda Belisario Bella Belle Belle
Belle Beltran Beltrano Ben Benedicto
Bengie Benham Benicio Benita Benito
Benjamin Benjamin Bennett Benny Bently
Benton Berenice Bergen Beric Berkley
Bernadette Bernadine Bernard Bernardino Bernardo
Bernardo Bernat Bernice Bernie Bert
Berta Bertha Bertha Berto Beryl
Bess Bessie Beth Bethany Bethlehem
Betsy Bette Betty Betty Sue Bev
Beverly Bevin Beyonce Beyonsay Bianca
Bianca 2 Biel Bill Billy Birk
Bishop Bjorn Blace Blace 2 Blade
Bladen Blaine Blair Blake Blakely
Blakelynn Blakesley Blanca Blanca Blanche
Blasio Blayton Blaze Blyth Bo
Boaz Bob Bobby Bodi Bona
Bonaventura Bonifacia Bonifacio Bonnie Boo
Boo-Boo Boone Boris Boris Boslie
Boston Bowen Boyd Brad Bradey
Bradford Bradley Braelyn Bram Brandon
Brandt Brandy Brannon Branson Brantley
Braulio Braxton Brayan Brayden Brayson
Brayven Brazton Bre'Shawn Breanna Breanne
Breauna Breaune Breck Brecka Breckia
Breckin Bree Breena Brekayla Brekell
Brenda Brenda Brendon Brenna Brennan
Brenner Brent Brentley Brenton Breon
Breona Bret Breven Bria Brian
Brianda Briar Bridger Bridget Brie
Briella Brielle Brienne Briggs Brighton
Brigida Brigitte Briley Brinee Brinkley
Briony Brisa Bristol Britain Britlynn
Britney Britt Brittany Brock Broderick
Brodie Brogan Bronson Bronte Bronty
Bronwyn Brook Brooklyn Brooks Brooksie
Bruce Brunah Brunella Bruno Bruno
Bryant Bryce Brycen Bryden Brynlie
Brynn Bryte Bubba Bubbie Buchanan
Buck Bud Buddy Buenaventura Buffy
Bunny Buster Byron C. J. Cabalina
Cable Cadderly Caddie Cade Caden
Cadence Cado Cage Cainan Cairo
Caitleigh Caitlin Caiwynn Cal Caleb
Caledonia Caleigh Calene Calista Calla
Callahan Callie May Callin Callum Calvin
Calvino Calyssa Cambree Cambria Cambria
Camden Camelia Cameo Cameron Camila
Camila Camilla Camille Camilo Cammy
Campbell Candace Candelaria Candelario Candida
Candrea Candy Canido Cannon Canyon
Caoimh Caoimhe Capri Cara Care Bear
Caren Cari Caridad Carina Carisa
Carl Carla Carlee Carlee Grace Carles
Carlo Carlos Carlos Carlota Carlotta
Carlson Carlton Carlyn Carmel Carmel
Carmela Carmela Carmelina Carmella Carmelle
Carmelo Carmelo Carmen Carmen Carmine
Carney Carol Carol Carol Lee Carol Sue
Carolina Carolina Caroline Carolyn Carrera
Carrie Carrington Carson Carter Carver
Casandra Casaundra Case Cash Casimira
Casimiro Cason Cassandra Cassia 1 Cassia 2
Cassidy Cassie Catalina Catalina Catalino
Cathel Catherina Catherine Cavitt Caybri
Cayetano Cayman Ceasar Cece Cecelia
Cecil Cecil Cecilia Cecily Cedric
Ceedric Celeste Celestina Celestino Celia
Celia Celine Celita Cenda Ceola
Ceon Cerys Cesar Cesar Chabela
Chabeli Chabelita Chad Chadwick Chaim
Champ Chana Chance Chancie Chandler
Chanel Channing Chantal Chantaya Chantel
Chantelle Chanti Chapman Char Charis
Charise Charisma Charity Charleen Charlena
Charles Charlie Charlise Charlotte Charlston
Charlynn Charmaign Charnita Chase Chasity
Chason Chastity Chauncey Chaya Chaylisa
Chayston Chaz Che Cheetah Chela
Chelsea Chelsea-Lea Chenoa Cher Cherise
Cherry Cheryl Chesney Chesney Chester
Chethan Chevelle Chevy Cheyanne Chia
Chico Chieko China Chip Chiquita
Chita Chloe Chris Chrisoula Chrisoula
Chrissy Christian Christian Christian Ann Christiana
Christiana Christina Christine Christophe Christophe 2
Christopher Christy Chuck Chya Cidriana
Cielo Cindy Cipriana Cipriano Cipriano
Cira Cirila Cirilo Ciro Cisco
Citlali Claire Clairese Clancey Clara
Clara Clarence Clarice Clarisa Clarissa
Clarita Clark Clarra Claude Claudette
Claudette Claudia Claudia Claudio Claus
Clay Clayton Clemence Clemencia Clemente
Clementine Cleo Cliff Cliff Clifford
Clifton Cline Clint Clinton Cloe
Cloeman Clotilde Clover Clyde Coco
Cody Coen Colbin Colby Cole
Cole Robert Coleman Colette Coley Colier
Colin 1 Colin 2 Colleen Collette Collier
Collins Colm Colson Colston Colt
Colten Colter Conan Concepcion Concha
Conchita Connall Connelly Conner Connie
Conrad Conrad Conrado Constance Constantine
Constantino Consuelo Cookie Cooper Copeland
Cora Coral Coralie Corazon Corbett
Corbin Cordelia Cordell Cordero Corey
Corina Corinne Corkie Cormac Cornelio
Cornelius Corona Corrin Cortez Cortez
Cortland Cortlen Cortney Coryanne Corynne
Cosmo Costa Costello Coty Cougan
Court Courtland Cowan Coy Cozette
Craig Craydon Cree Creed Creedon
Creighton Crescencia Cresin Crimson Crisanto
Cristal Cristian Cristina Cristo Cristobal
Cristobal Cruz Cruz Crystal Cullen
Curran Curtis Cutbairto Cutberto Cuthie
Cuzzy Cyanne Cyndel Cynthia Cynthia
Cyril Cyril 2 Cyrus Czarianna  

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star