Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

D'Ivyon D. J. Dabney Daegan Dafydd
Dahlia Dahlia Daisy Dakota Dale
Daley Dalia Dallas Dallin Dallya
Dalton Dalya Damari 1 Damari 2 Damaris
Damian Damian Damiano Damir Damon
Dan Dan Dana Dana Danay
Dandre Dane Danelle Danelle Dani
Dania Danica Danica Daniel Daniel
Daniela Daniela Danielle Danilo Danish 1
Danish 2 Danita Danna Danniela Danny
Danson Dante Dante Danyon Daphne
Daquan Dara Dara 2 Darby Darcy
Darden Darecia Daria Daria Daria
Dario Dario Darion Darius Darla
Darlena Darlene Darnel Darragh Darren
Darrien Darryl Darshawn Darwin Dash
Dashawn Dashielle Dashill Dathan DaTron
Dave Davey David David Davielle
Davin Davion Davion Davis Davon
Davonta Davonte Dawn Dawson Dax
Daxton Dayana Dayanara Daycie Dayjanay
Dayjanee Daykin Daylen Daylynn Dayson
Dayton De Deacon Dealia Dean
Deana Deandre Deandrey Deangelo Deanna
Deanndre Deanndrey Deanne Deb Debbie
Debbie Debora Deborah Decater December
Declan Declan Dedrick Deedee Deedra
Deedy Deegan Dehra Deisel Deisha
Deitrick Deja Dejuan Delaine Delaney
Delante Delfina Delfino Delia Delia
Delicia Delilah Delilah Della Delphine
Delton Delvin Demarco Demarcus Demario
Demarion 1 Demarion 2 Demetria Demetrio Demetrius
Demi Demi Demiana Dempsey Demsey
Den Denby Denene Denham Denis
Denise Denise Dennis Dennisen Denny
Deno Denton Denver Denzel Deon
Deona Deondrea Deonte Deonte Deralyn
Derek Derenda Derenda 1 Derinda DeShea
Desi Desi Desiderio Desirae Desiree
Desmond Destin Destina Destiney DeVaughn
Deven Devi Devlyn Devonny Devora
Devotis Dex Dexter Deyanira Dezman
Dharma Diamond Diana Diana Diane
Dick Dickson Dicky Didac Diego
Diego Diehl Digna Dilys Dima
Dimitri Dina Dina 1 Dina 2 Diva
Diviya Dixie Dixie Diya Doc
Dody Dolly Dolores Dolores Domenica
Dominga Domingo Domingo Dominic Dominico
Dominique Domitila Don Donald Donaldo
Donato Donavan Donetta Donna Donna
Donnell 1 Donnell 2 Donnie Donyah Doonie
Dora Dora Doreen Dori Dorian
Doris Doris Dorolinda Dorotea Dorothea
Dorothy Dorry Linn Dorva Dot Dot
Dottie Doug Dougal Douglas Douglas
Dove Drake Drake Allen Draton Draven
Drayden Drennan Drew Dreya Dror
Duane Dude Dugan Duke Dulce
Dulce Dulce Duncan Dustin Dusty
Duyen Dwayne Dwight Dylan Dyson
Eamon Earl Earline Easha Easton
Eaton Ebony Ecstacy Ed Eda Mae
Eddie Edelmira Eden Eder Edgar
Edgar Edgardo Edie Edilia Edison
Edith Edith Edmund Edmundo Edna
Edna Eduard Eduardo Eduardo Edwar
Edward Edwardo Edwin Eemonie Efrain
Efrain Efram Egan Eilla Einar
EJ Elaina Elaine Elba Eleanor
Electra Eleena Elektra Elena Elena
Elenni Eleonor Elexsis Elfie Elfie
Eli Eli Elia Elian Eliana
Eliana Elias Elias Elida Eliezer
Elijah Elijah Elio Elisa Elisa
Elisabet Elisabeth Elisabeth Elise Eliseo
Eliseo Elisha Elisha Elissa Eliu
Eliza Ella Ella Grace Ella Jade Ella Marie
EllaRose Elle Ellen Ellenie Elli-May
Ellie Ellington Elliot Ellis Ellison
Ellory Ellouise Elmer Elodia Elodie
Elody Eloi Eloisa Elroy Elsa
Elsa Elsie Elsie Elton Elva
Elvin Elvira Elvira Elvis Emalene
Emalinda Emaline Emanuel Emanuel Emanuelle
Ember Emeal Emer Emerald Emerson
Emihear Emiko Emil Emilia Emiliana
Emiliana Emiliano Emilio Emilio Emilliano
Emily Emine Emir Emma Emma
Emmagrace Emmajane Emmalyn Emmalyse Emmaus
Emmett Emmy Emory Emrik Emry
Eneida Enery England Enric Enrique
Enrique Enriqueta Enya Enycia Enzo
Ephraim Epifanio Epiphany Erasmo Eri
Eriana Eric Eric Erica Erica
Erik Erika Eriko Erlinda Ermelinda
Ernest Ernesta Ernesto Ernesto Ernie
Erwin Esah Esau Esdras Esenia
Esenio Esme Esmee Esmeralda Esmeralda
Esperanza Esperanza Essence Estaphan Esteban
Esteban Estebana Estefan Estefani Estefania
Estefania Estel Estela Estella Estella
Estelle Ester Estevan Estevan Esther
Esther Estibaliz Estrella Esty Etah
Etha Ethan Ethel Ethel Ethel
Etienne Etta Eufemia Eufemio Eugene
Eugenia Eugenia Eugenio Eula Eunice
Eunice Eureka Eva Eva Evan
Evan Evangelina Evangeline Eve Evelia
Evelyn Evelyn Everett Everley Evianna
Evie Evie Evie Evita Evon
Ewen Ezekiel Ezequiel Ezmie Ezra
Ezra Fabian Fabian Fabio Fabiola
Fabiola Fairie Faith Fallon Fannie
Fanny Fantasia Faranda Farida Faris
Farly Farrah Farron Fatima Fatima
Fatima Fatimah Faustina Faustino Fausto
Fay Faye Febe February February
Federico Federico Felice Felicia Felicidad
Felicity Felina Felipa Felipe Felipe
Felissa Felix Felix Fellipe Femi
Ferguson Fermin Fermina Fernanda Fernanda
Fernando Fernando Fernaundo Ferran Ffion
Fidel Fidel Fidencio Filiberto Filipina
Filomena Finian Finn Finnegan Finnley
Fiona Fiora Fiori Fiorina Fisher
Fiz Flavio Fletcher Flo Flora
Flora Flora Florence Florentina Floyd
Flynn Ford Forrest Forster Fortunato
Foster Fran France Francee Francella
Francesc Francesca Francesco Francesco 2 Franchella
Franchesca Francina Francine Francis Francisca
Francisco Francisco Francisco Javier Francois Frank
Frankie Franklin Franklin Franko Franko
Fransais Franvel Frasier Fraya Fred
Freddy Frederick Freha Fremont Freya
Freyha Frida Frida Fritha Fuentes

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star