Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

G.R. Gabby Gabe Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriela Gabriela Gabriella Gabriella Gabrielle
Gabrielle Gaby Gaddie Gage Gahbrielle
Gail Gaines Galeno Galia Gallen
Gamaliel Gannon Garcia Gareth Garett
Garner Garrett Ross Garrick Garrison Garth
Gary Garyn Gaspar Gaston Gatlin
Gaven Gavriell Gavrielle Gaylin Gaynell
Gem Gema Gemma Genaro Genaro
Genesis Geneva Geneva Genevieve Genis
Genius Gentry George Georgene Georgette
Georgia Georgiana Georgie Georgie Georgina
Georgina Gerald Geraldine Geraldo Geraldo
Geraldo Gerard Gerard Gerardo Gerardo
German German Gert Gertie Gertrude
Gia Giada Giancarlo Gianella Gianfranco
Giani Gianna Giavanna Gibson Gideon
Gigi Gil Gilbert Gilberto Gilberto
Gilda Gill Gillian Gimma Gina
Ginger GinGin Ginny Gino Giovanni
Gisela Giselle Giselle Gita Gitty
Gladys Gladys Glenda Glenn Glenna
Glenora Gletcher Gloria Gloria Glorra
Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalo Gordon Gordy
Gorlene Gowan Goya Grace Gracelyn
Gracia Gracianna Gracie Graciela Graciela
Grady Graham Granett Granger Granny
Grant Gray Grayson Greer Greg
Greger Gregor Gregorio Gregorio Gregory
Greta Greta Gretchen Griceloa Griffin
Griffith Griselda Griselda Grissom Guadalupe
Guadalupe Guido Guillem Guillermo Guillermo 1
Guillermo 2 Guiuseppe Gunn Gunnar Gunter
Gunther Gus Gustaf Gustavo Gustavo
Guy Gwendolyn Gwenyth Gwine Gwyneth
Hadassah Hadden Hadley Hagen Haidee
Haik Haika Hail Hailey Hailey
Hailyn Hakeem Hal Hal Hallie
Hamilton Hamish Hampton Han Haneen
Hanin Hank Hannah Hans Hanson
Hardy Harjodh Harlan Harley Harman
Harmony Harold Harper Harriet Harris
Harrison Harry Harvey Hassaan Hassan
Hattie Havana Haven Hawk Hawker
Haydee Hayden Hayes Hayes Hazel
Heath Heather Heaven Hector Hector
Heidi Heidi Helaina Helen Helen
Helena Helena Helene Helga Helia
Hendley Hendrix Henley Hennessy Henny
Henriette Henry Hensley Heraldo Herbert
Heriberto Herman Herman Hermelinda Hermila
Hermilo Hernan Hernan Hernandez Hernando
Herta Hester Hewes Hilario Hilda
Hilda Hilda Hildagard Hilla Hillary
Hines Hogan Holden Holland Hollis
Holly Holston Holt Holton Homer
Honey Honoria Hope Horacio Hortencia
Houston Howard Huck Hudson Hugh
Hugo Hugo Hulgan Humberto Humberto
Hunt Hunter Huntington Hussain Hutton
Huxley Ian Ian Ianna Ibrahim
Ida Idalia Idelle Ieuan Ignacio
Ignacio Ignasi Igor Ijuana Ike
Iker Ilan Ilana Ilda Iliana
Iliana Iliccia Illa Iman Iman 2
Imani Imelda Imman Imogene Ina
India Indiana Indiana Indigo Indira
Ines Inester Inez Inez Inga
Ingrid Ingrid Iola Iona Ira
Iralon Ireland Irena Irene Irene
Irina Iris Iris Irish Irma
Irma Irvin Irving Isa Isaac
Isaac Isaak Isabel Isabel Isabela
Isabela Isabella Isadora Isaiah Isaias
Isaias Isela Ishaan Ishmael Isidora
Isidoro Isidra Isis Isis Isla
Ismael Ismael Ismiel Israel Israel
Issy Italia Ivan Ivan Ivana
Ivana Ivette Ivonne Ivor Ivory
Ivy Iyana Iyanna Izan Izlynn

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star