Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

M M'Liss Mabel Mabely Mabry
Mac Macaria Macario Macauley Macey
Mackenzie Maclane Maclay Madaline Madden
Maddie Maddison Maddux Madelynn Madge
Madison Madonna Maeleigh MaElena Maeve
Maeve Magda Magdalen Magdalena Magdalena
Magdaleno Magdaline Maggie Mahala Mahayla
Maira Mairen Maisy Maite Makai
Makay Makayla Makaylie Makell Makenna
Maki Makia Makiko Makonnen Malachi
Malaika Malaika 2 Malakie Malcolm Male
Maleah Malia Malik Malique Maliyah
Malka Malley Mallia Mallik Mallory
Malou Mama Mamie Manases Manda
Mandela Mandy Manel Manett Manfred
Manisha Manny Manon Manual Manuel
Manuel Manuela Manuella Mar Mar
Mara Mara Maral Marc Marc-Antoine
Marcel Marcel Marcela Marcela Marcelina
Marcelino Marcelo Marcelo Marcia Marcia
Marciana Marco Marco Marcos Marcos
Marcus Marcy Mareeka Marek Margaret
Margarita Margarita Marge Margerie Margie
Margo Margo Mari Maria Maria
Maria Angeles Maria Del Carmen Maria Del Mar Maria Fernanda Maria Gloria
Maria Jose Maria Paz Mariaelena Mariah Mariam
Mariam Marian Mariana Mariana Marianela
Marianna Mariano Mariano Maribel Maribel
Maribella Maribeth Maricarmen Maricruz Marie
Mariel Mariela Mariela Mariette Mariette 2
Marika Mariko Marilee Marilu Marilyn
Marin Marina Marina Mario Mario 1
Mario 2 Marion Mariona Marisa Marisa
Marisabel Marisela Marisela Marisha Marisol
Marisol Marissa Maristela Maritza Maritza 1
Maritza 2 Marivel Marjean Mark Mark Anthony
Markel Marla Marlana Marlee Marlen
Marlena Marlene Marlene Marlo Marlon
Marlyse Marney Marques Marquis Marquitos
Marriett Marrisol Marsha Marshall Marta
Marta Martez Martha Martha Kay Marti
Martias Martin Martin Martina Martina
Martinez Marty Marva Marve Marvin
Marvin Mary Mary Ashlynn Mary Beth Mary Claire
Mary Clark Mary Everett Mary Grace Mary Jane Mary Jane
Mary Jane Mary Jo Mary Joan Mary Joyce Mary Kate
Mary Katherine Mary Lee Mary Lou Mary Lynn Mary Margaret
Mary-Anne Mary-Kay Maryalisa Maryam MaryKate
Maryllis Mason Mateo Mateo 1 Mateo 2
Matheu Mathew Mathias Matias Matilda
Matilde Matisse Matiyas Matt Mattaya
Matteus Mattie Maude Maudrey Maura
Maura Maureen Mauren Mauriana Maurice
Mauricio Mauricio Mauro Maury Maven
Maverick Mavin Mavis Mavita Max
Max Maxcie Maxi Maxim Maxime
Maximilian Maximiliano Maximillia Maximus Maxine
Maxwell May Maya Maya Mayah
Maybelle Maylee Mayor Mayra Mbufua
McCade McCall Mccartney McClaran McCloud
McCoy McKagan McKailyn McKayley McKenley
Mckenna McKennan McPhee Meade Meadow
Meagan Medley Meegan Meekay Meelah
Meelan Meg Megan Mei Mekhi
Mel Melanie Melat Melba Melba
Melchor Meleesa Melendi Melina Melina
Melinda Melinda Melisa Melissa Melody
Melva Melvin Mem Meme Memphis
Menachem Menar Merce Mercedes Mercedes
Mercy Meredith Meritxell Merritt Mesina
Messiah Mhari Mia Micaela Micah
Michael Michael James Michael Lynn Michaeleine Michaeline
Michela Michele Michella Michelle Mick
Mickey Midge Midorah Midori Mie
Mieko Mietta Miguel Miguel Miguel Angel
Miguela Miguelita Mija Mijo Mika 1
Mika 2 Mikaya Mike Mikel Mikey
Mikiah Mila Mila 1 Mila 2 Milagros
Milan Milan Milan 2 Milca Mildred
Milena Miles Miliani Millenia Miller
Millicent Millie Millin Milo Milton
Milton Mina Mindy Minerva Minerva
Mingo Minnie Miqueas Miquel Mira
Miracle Miranda Miranda Mirei Mireia
Miri Miriam Miriam Mirian Mirta
Misael Mischa Misha Missoura Missy
Misty Mitch Mitchel Mitzi MJ
Mo Moe Mohamed Mohamed Moira
Moise Moises Mokie Mollie Mona
Monet Monica Monica Monique Monkey
Monroe Monserrat Montague 1 Montague 2 Montana
Montel Montgomery Montrease Montrell Montserrat
Monty Morag Mordechai Morey Morgan
Morley Morris Morris Moses Moshe
Moureen Muhammad Munchkin Murphy Murray
Mustafa Myndalynn Myra Myra-Anne Myrna
Myron Myrt Nadia Nadia Nadine
Nahid Nahum Nahum Naiara Naissa
Najah Nakaiya Nakeeya Nakeisha Nakiya
Nalani Nan Nan Nana Nancy
Nancy Nancy Ann Nannette Naoise Naomi
Naomi Narine Narissa Narvita Nash
Nasir Nat Natalia Natalia Natalia
Natalie Natalynn Natan Nataniel Natarshia
Natasha Natasha Natavia Nate Nathailie
Nathalie Nathan Nathanael Nathaniel Natividad
Navah Naya Nayeli Naylin Neal
Ned Nedyne Neefa Neely Neeve
Nehemiah Nehemias Neilson Nela Nelia
Nell Nellie Nelly Nelson Nelson
Nerea Nereida Nery Nessa Nestor
Nestor Netanya Nettie Neus Nev
Nevada Nevaeh Nevan Nia Niamh
Nichola Nicholas Nick Nickola Nico
Nicolas Nicole Nicole Nicole Ann Nicolette
Nifa Nigel Nika Nikhil Nikita
Nikki Niko Nikoa Nil Nile
Nils Nin-ya Nina Nina Ninfa
Nino Ninya Niomi Nissa Nita
Nita Niven No Noa Noah
Noam Noe Noe Noel Noel
Noelani Noelia Noelia Noelle Noemi
Nohemi Nola Nolan Nona Nora
Nora Norberta Norberto Noreen Nori
Norika Noriko Norma Norma Norman
Norris Norva Nova Nuria Nyah
Nyasha Nyela Nyla Oakley Octavia
Octavia Octavio Octavio October Odessa
Odin Odin Ofek Ofelia Oisin
Ola Ola Olaf Olden Olga
Olga Olimpia Oliver Olivia Olivia
Olivia Ollie Olympia Omar Omari
Omaris Ona Oneida Onna Ontario
Opal Ophelia Opial Oprah Ora
Oralee Oralia Oran Orange Oriol
Orion Orlando Orlando Orli Orlisa
Orly Orrin Oscar Oscar Oshan
Ossie Osvaldo Osvaldo Oswaldo Otis
Otto Owen Oziel Ozlem  

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star