Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

T. J. Tab Tabitha Tacey Tad
Tae Tahj Tahnee Tahnees Tahsha
Tailley Tal Tala Tala 2 Talaya
Talbert Taleese Talia Talia Talisa
Tallis Tallulah Tally Talmadge Talon
Talya Talyanna Tam Tamaira Tamar
Tamara Tamara Tamaura Tamela Tami
Tamia Tamika Tammy Tamya Tana
Tandi Tandra Tani Tania Taniea
Tanina Tanis Tanisha Tanley Tanna
Tanner Tannie Tannis Tanya Tara
Tarik Tarleah Taryn Tasia Tasmyn
Tate Tati Tatiana Tatum Taunia
Taura Taurence Tavian Tavon Taya
Taylah Taylin Taylor Taylynn Taymar
Taymar 2 Tayshaun Tea Teagan Ted
Teddy Teeny Teera Telma Tenley
Tenneile Tennessee Teo Teodora Teodoro
Teondra Terell Terence Teresa Teresa
Teresita Teressa Terrell Terresa Terrina
Terron Terry TeShaun Tesla Tess
Tessa Tevin Tex Texanria Thad
Thaddeus Thais Thalia Thatcher Thea
Thelma Theo Theodora Theodore Therese
Thomas Thomasina Thomson Tia Tiana
Tianna Tiara Tiarra Tiasha Tiernan
Tierney Tiesa Tiff Tiffany Tikara
Tillman Tilly Tim Timmy Timothy
Tina Tineka Tirza Tish Tisha
Tita Tito Titus Tizar Tobias
Tobias Tobin Toby Todd Tom
Tomas Tomas Tomasa Tomika Tommy
Tonna Tony Tonya Tori Torriana
Tova Trace Tracy Traverse Travis
Travon Trayson Treasia Treasure Treesha
Treit Trendan Treney Trent Trenton
Tres Treston Trevan Trevion Trevor
Trey Treyton Trieloff Trigg Trina
Trini Trinidad Trinity Trinity Tripp
Trish Trisha Trista Tristan Tristian
Trixie Troy Trudy Truitt Truman
Tucker Tuesday Tulia Tully Turner
Ty Tyaja Tyana Tyanna Tyelee
Tyesha Tyler Tylin Tyman Tyonna
Tyquan Tyquana Tyra Tyree Tyreek
Tyrell Tyrese Tyrone Tys Tyshawn
Tyson Tyvon Tyzell Ukiah Ulisas
Ulises Una Uri Uri Uriah
Uriel Uriel Ursula Ursula Uta
V. J. Vaden Val Valaria Valentin
Valentina Valentina Valentine Valentino Valeria
Valeria Valerie Valerio Van Vance
Vander Vaneese Vanessa Vanessa Vaughn
Vayda Vayle Veera Velvet Venancio
Venice Venita Venturo Vera Verda
Verita Verner Vernetta Vernon Veronica
Veronica Veruetta Vi Viana Vic
Vicente Vicente Vicki Vicky Victor
Victor Victoria Victoria Victorina Victorino
Vidal Vienna Vienne Vilda Vilma
Vince Vincent Vincente Vincenzo Vineshree
Vinnie Vinnie Viola Violet Violeta
Violeta Virgie Virgil Virginia Virginia
Viridiana Vito Vito Viv Vivian
Vivian Viviana Vivianna Vladimir Voncile

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star