Make me the Star!

Personalised CDs & DVDs for children & adults (mostly for Children). We have thousands of names, if you can't find the name you want we also have a range of personalised Photo DVDs. In our cds the name is heard in the song/s & stories as well as having a (optional) 3 lined personal message from you on the front of the disc making this a one of a kind unique gift. También tenemos muchos nombres en español para elegir.

Wade Wakeen Walker Wallice Wally
Walter Walter Wanda Wanda Wardell
Warren Watson Waverly Wayland Waylon
Wayne Wazhma Wendell Wendy Wendy
Wensday Wesley Weslyn West Weston
Whitby Whitley Whitman Whitney Whitt
Wilbert Wilbur Wilder Wildon Wilfredo
Wilfredo Wilhelm Wilkie Will Willa
Willem Willetta William Willie Willis
Willow Wilma Wilma Wilson Win
Winnie Winston Winter Wolfgang Woodson
Woody Wyatt Wylyn Wynn Wynona
Xander Xavier Xavier Xaviera Xenia
Xerxes Yaakov Yadira Yahaira Yahir
Yahir Yaiza Yakara Yakira Yaleesa
Yani Yanira Yann Yara Yareli
Yaritza Yarra Yasmeen Yasmina Yates
Yazmin Yehudah Yelaina Yesenia Yesenia
Yesenia Yet Yolanda Yolanda Yolannda
Yosef Yoselin Yoshi Yukkie Yukon
Yulana Yulauna Yulia Yuliana Yulissa
Yuria Yuridia Yuriko Yusof Yuvonne
Yvette Yvonne Yvonne Zabian Zac
Zachariah Zacharich Zachary Zadie Zahaira
Zahara Zahn Zahnor Zahreen Zaid
Zaid 2 Zaira Zaira Zaire Zamir
Zander Zane Zanthia Zara Zare
Zaria Zaria Zarina Zary Zavier
Zayda Zayden Zaylee Zayner Zeb
Zebulun Zed Zee Zeek Zefram
Zelda Zella Zelma Zelta Zen
Zena Zenaida Zenaida Zetta Zia
Ziggy Zimara Zinnia Zion Zionna
Zita Zo Zoe Zoe Zoila
Zoraida Zoya Zulema Zulma Zurich

If you prefer to talk to someone please call 0800 034 1934

Albums range from £6.99 - £13.99 P+P is £1.95 for the first CD/DVD and each additional album is charged at £1.00 all orders are sent by (large envelope) on the day of ordering (if before 2pm Mon to Fri) or next working day.

NB. We have recently made it easier to purchase from us by switching to PayPal express payments (virtually 1 click), after paying you will be asked to add any personalised message, upload images (if appropriate) & confirm your address. PayPal provides your information to us, this saves you the bother of having to register before purchase.

Make me the Star